About Me


About Me

Hi! My name is Sanaz and I’m a baking enthusiast! When I first stepped into the world of creating sugary treats, it was all about my friends and family. I would pick one of their interests and hobbies and turn it into a cake, like my son’s Basketball shoe! Baking was a special way of expressing my love and gratitude. Everyone loved my cakes and spread the word all around. As such, my deliciously creative hobby soon turned into a small business.

I’m a registered cake designer and I’ve been making bespoke cakes and cupcakes since 2017. I hold a five star rating certificate in hygiene and have insurance.

Every dessert I make is dusted with care and attention, because I know exactly how important it is to get your feelings across. Whenever we share something with our loved ones, we want to share the best thing there is. At Bake Unique, that’s exactly what you’ll get every single time. 

After a few years, I discovered yet another passion that makes my heart jump in delight, which is baking macarons! They are finicky cookies and hard to make but I managed to tame the beast! These delicious cookies are very versatile and that’s what I love about them! You can have a single box for your loved one on Valentine’s day or a macaron tower for a birthday party or a wedding!  

Feel free to browse through my product page and contact me if you wish to place an order.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 

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